On the 16th & 17th of April 2016 Comme Dieu wine events organises the only wine fair in the Netherlands: The Wijnmarkt!

The fair

On the 16th & 17th of April 2016 the first large wine fair in the Netherlands will take place, based on the concept of the traditional French Salon du Vin: De Wijnmarkt! For the first time in Dutch history wineries are permitted to offer tasting and sell their wines at a large event.

There are just 100 spots available, all for European wine producers only. So this is a unique opportunity to promote your products in the Netherlands: selling your wines directly to visitors as well as finding a Dutch importer.



The Wijnmarkt will take place at a central location in the most wine-loving region of the Netherlands, and it targets all wine lovers, from beginners to professionals. There are 4.000 visitors expected with an interest in wine, plus 500 professionals (hospitality and wine importers). Book one of the arrangements (see brochure) and take part in this unique event!


The location is in the middle of the wineloving region of the Netherlands, in Geertruidenberg. This is a historical, pittoresque town near Rotterdam and Breda. The Wijnmarkt will take place in a fort, with an atmosphere of culture and history. Perfect for a wine fair!